The government has now confirmed the date that you can now tow your caravan without needing to take the BE test.

Caravan towing test
Caravan towing test. Trailer towing test. BE licence.

As of the 20th September 2021, towing tests were cancelled, with the government being very slow in reacting to announcing when you could officially tow without a test.

It has now been confirmed that the 15th November 2021 is that date.

Previously, anyone who passed their driving tests after the 1st January 1997, had to take the BE test. If they hadn’t, they were limited to a total train weight of 3,500kg, or 4,250kg if the trailer was 750kg or less.

Now, a caravan or trailer can be towed up to a total weight of 7,000kg, as long as the caravan or trailer does not exceed the weight of the car.

Shane Malpass of said this:

“This opens up the market massively. The younger generation were heavily restricted to what they could buy in both car and caravan, but this opens them up to pretty much anything they want, in a real boost to the industry. Long term, I can see the younger families starting with a more affordable caravan, maybe even moving into a motorhome later in life.

Hopefully the government changes the rules on the weight that can be driven too, falling in line with the ‘Grandfathers licence of 7,500kg”, especially as heavier electric vehicles come into play”.

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