Benimar Motorhomes

For nearly 40 years, Benimar motorhomes have been the leaders of Spanish motorhomes, producing their first in 1979 and going into full production in 1986.

In 2002, Benimar were bought out by the Trigano Group and our now Pensicola factory producing over 3,000 motorhomes a year.

With Marquis motorhomes having the exclusive rights to UK sales, they have made both the Benimar Tessoro and the Benimar Mileo available for purchase.

All Benimar Mileos come with a MTPLM of 3,500kg, making sure they can be driven on a standard car licence. All Mileos come standard on the Fiat Ducato base vehicle. With some quirky layouts, they make the most of the compact space available. As of 2018, all Mileo models start with a retail price of £50,995.

Benimar Tessoro starting from £50,995 in 2018, are low profile motorhomes, all built on the powerful Ford Transit 170bhp engine, all with 4 berths, again using the space well with drop down beds from the roof.

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