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100 Years Of Motorhomes

Motorhomes originally were seen as a symbol of wealth and were usually only owned and used by families in the upper class. However, over the course of the last 100 years, the motorhome is now adored by families from all walks of life and is central to many UK holidays. But where did it all begin? Read On

Motorhome Crash Test: What Really Happens (Video)

A crash test is a type of destructive testing that is performed to determine how safe the design of a vehicle is. They allow automobile manufacturers to ensure the vehicles they create are as safe as possible before they are mass produced and sold to individuals across the globe. Crash testing ca Read On

Explore The UK In Your Motorhome

The United Kingdom is filled with everything from small, quaint, countryside villages to concrete jungles – it just depends on where you go. There really is something for everyone which is why many avid campers choose to explore the UK in their motorhome. Due to the fact that there are so man Read On

How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse In Your Motorhome

At some stage in your life, it’s likely that you’ve thought about, in detail might I add, how to survive a zombie apocalypse in your motorhome. If you’re a motorhome owner, you’re at a significant advantage during a zombie apocalypse because, not only do you have a pla Read On

Why Motorhome Holidays Are Better Than Going Abroad

We are happy to announce that you don’t need to deal with airport lines and cancellations to have a great holiday – motorhome holidays rock too! Those clenched fists and gritted teeth aren’t just “one of those things” you have to deal with if you want a travel break, Read On

Motorhome Holidays: Killer Stats

Motorhomes have been an integral part of many British vacations since they were first brought over to the UK from America in the 1930’s. Many families took motorhome holidays as a way of spending quality time together throughout the 20th century when travelling abroad wasn’t an op Read On

How To Buy A Motorhome From An Auction

How To Buy A Motorhome From An Auction I Have Been Attending Motorhome Auctions Since I Was About 10 Years Old. Now I Am 30, I Class Myself As Well Schooled On The Process Of Both Selling And Buying A Motorhome At An Auction. When It Comes To How To Buy A Motorhome From An Auction, British Car Au Read On

Top 10 Mind Blowing Motorhome Facts Of 2018

Motorhomes are the perfect asset for any avid traveller: not only do they take you exactly where you want to go, they also provide comfortable accommodation for the whole family to enjoy.  They signify the open road, independence and adventure, and are widely popular amongst travellers o Read On

Sell Your Motorcaravan

Do you want to sell your motorcaravan, campervan or motorhome? Then we can help! We buy motorcaravans and will consider all makes and models, irrelevant of its age and whether there is any damp and condensation. Selling your motorcaravan, motorhome or campervan to us gets you what we believe is a Read On

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