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Logo Carthago '1979–pr.Carthago was founded in 1979 by Karl-Heinz Schuler and has accumulated 35 years of know-how in the motorhome industry. The company employs about 1100 staff and is one of Europe’s leading premium manufacturers. You can recognise a Carthago motorhome by its superior design, high-quality structure, comfort and sophistication. The slender driver’s cabin gives you a feeling of security and provides the motor home with great handling. The rear-view mirror system gives a perfect all-round view, ensuring you have the best view of the road. Clever double floor storage space compartments means there is plenty of room to fit everything that you will need for your trip. Carthago motor homes also come with an extra scooter garage, which you can access both sides via large garage doors. In a Carthago motor home you will feel cosy and comfortable, just like you feel at home. Heat reflecting walls ensure the best possible conditions for your motor home, all year round. The heart of the motor home is the furniture. In a Carthago, the entire furniture design is produced meticulously in their own furniture workshop. The double connection technology ensures durability and that fewer noises can be heard whilst travelling. The Carthago floor panel guarantees real all-round protection.

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