Concorde Motorhomes

Concorde are manufacturers of exclusive and premium motor homes. Concorde are generally regarded as the best motor homes built in Europe today. The combination of great design, numerous practical layouts and outstanding build quality are the bed rock of Concorde’s philosophy. Concorde are No.1 for luxury motor homes in Europe where in excess of 20 manufacturers compete. The driver’s compartment has a clear layout that gives you the best overview in any traffic situation. You will get a clear view of the road thanks to the elevated seating position and the large coach-style external mirrors. The living room in a Concorde motor home offers the perfect balance of functionality and comfort. The kitchen on the other hand is tasteful and sophisticated with pull out units, an intelligent waste management system and a mineral kitchen worktop with a moulded, integrated stainless steel sink. The bedroom is separated by a sliding door from the living area and is a haven of peace and serenity. The sleeping area is generous and depending on the floor plan you may choose between a rear transverse bed with padded headrest, or two single beds and one queen bed as well as an optional pull-down bed. The slated bed frame and cold foam mattress make for a restful night’s sleep. The bathroom has a sophisticated pump and piping system that gives you the same shower experience that you would have at home. You can customise your Concorde motor home to suit your own individual needs. From the floor plan layout through to berth sizes, there’s a world of choice available. All Concorde motor homes are lightweight but strong, built to last long distances. Outstanding quality and perfect craftsmanship go into every Concorde motor home.
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