Etrusco Motorhomes Launched To The UK

Erwin Hymer group are to introduce Etrusco motorhomes to the U.K. after being available on the continent for 3 years. Built out of the Laika factory in Tuscany, Italy, they will be introducing 10 models in total, 3 of these will be A class motorhomes and 7 will be low profiles. The price range will be between £47,022 and £62,706 new.

The range includes smallest and cheapest which is the 5.95m long T5900 DB and has a rear transverse double bed. The next, the T5900 Fb, is a french bed layout. There are then two 6.96m long models, the T 6900 DB a transverse double bed layout, and a T 6900 QB a rear island bed layout. The next size up is the T 7300 SB at 7.3m long with twin rear single beds, the 7.4m long T 7400 QB rear island bed and the 7.4m long T 7400 SB (check the video below) with twin rear single beds. All half half dinettes at the front with the two shortest models having the option of a drop down double bed above the front lounge.

There are then the top A class models, the all new 2019 I 6900 QB –  a 6.98m long island bed model. There is an I 7400 QB, which is a 7.41m rear island bed model and a I 7400 SB (check the video below) which is a 7.41m twin rear single bed model. All of the A class models have a drop down double bed above the cab.

The Etrusco motorhomes have all unique Italian fabrics and colours specific to the Etrusco brand, but the layouts are all identical to their sister brands Sunlight and Carado. Etrusco does however have a higher specification and larger options list. The rear beds above the garage are a good example of this, which can be height adjustable to accommodate full sized bikes with a payload up to 150kg.

All of the UK spec right hand drive models will come with a higher standard spec list than the rest of Europe which includes a fitted oven, carpets, Truma 6E upgraded heater and some layouts have larger fridges. There is also an option to upgrade the 3,500kg chassis to a 3,850kg chassis for only £220 to give the extra payload.

Etrusco motorhomes are set to be on forecourts by the end of October 2018.




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