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A Globe car motor home has everything you could wish for when you on holiday or enjoying any type of leisure time. You can recognise a Globe Car motor home through its elegance, modern design, quality and value for money.  Globe cars are popular for their practical layout, attention to detail and renowned for selecting only the best European-produced parts. In the bedroom, you will be impressed by the spacious and comfortable beds that make for a restful night’s sleep. There is no need to dismantle the beds in the rear to create more storage space. By touching a button the bed slides up to the ceiling, freeing up plenty of extra storage room. So lots of equipment can be kept safe under the bed while in motion or sleeping.  There is even more space elsewhere. You can even modify the space at the rear of the cabin for optimal storage capacity. At the rear of the cabin comfort comes as standard. You can lie back and relax and in the comfortable seating areas with rear seatbelts. The kitchen and bathroom is also well equipped so you will get a real home from home feel.  At Globe Car they are always using the newest production techniques and technologies, developed for decades of approved and successful production. Hymer only use the best and carefully selected materials for the interior, which have been approved 100% in travel and driving conditions within the market over the years. Practical: There is an optional pop-top roof with two additional sleeping spaces Spacious: The rear beds in a Globe car are demountable, foldable and stackable meaning you will always have maximum storage at the rear. Safety: Each Globe Car comes equipped with a large foot plate (700mm) for easy, safe access. One press of a button and the step moves in and out.
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