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Whether you are going for a partially integrated or fully integrated motor home at KNAUS you will find the perfect vehicle to meet your needs. You can choose from numerous models, multiple layouts and a selection of equipment to create your own personal dream motor home.  On the semi-integrated models you’ll notice excellent design and be impressed with a dynamic frame appearance. Inside you’ll live, cook and sleep wonderfully. You will also be pleased with the elegant decor with leather structural foil. The exterior of the vehicle is also pleasing to the eye. Most KNAUS motor homes come with a sporty design but as it comes with a hail-resistant GRP roof you know that safety is also a top priority. With the curved roofline and the elegant mouldings on the rear, a KNAUS motor home is definitely a top design among compact motor homes. The fully integrated models are first-class motor homes with beautiful equipment. A retractable 32” LED-TV, patented 3D open bath, premium GRAMMER seats and pearly white decor with cross-stitch pattern are just some of the features that will make you believe that you have purchased something very special. In the living area you will find plenty of space, wonderfully relaxing and comfortable upholstery and lots of natural light.  Innovative: The CI BUS system controls the lighting, heating and lots more; it can also be optionally controlled via your smart phone Elegant: The huge 32” LED TV disappears in no time at all into an extra compartment located behind the rear seat Spacious: You will find all the space you need inside every KNAUS motor home. You will notice lots of room in the kitchen so you won’t feel cramped

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