Le Voyageur Introduce Mirror-Less Motorhomes

Le Voyageur are a relatively unknown motorhome manufacturer in the UK. With only four dealers, they are a premium motorhome made by the Pilote group. They offer three ranges, the Liner which is the top class offering, the Signature which is based on the Iveco and the new line, the Classic on the Fiat.

With motorhomes making big strides in advanced technology over the past few years, Le Voyageur is trying to get ahead of the competition with their new intelligent camera based rear-view system fitted on the Signature range.

Working with French firm Vision Systems, the high definition cameras are designed to give you better aerodynamics, enhance vision to cut out reflections, glare, mist and headlights in your mirrors. They also work exceptionally well in poor weather and the dark.

Le Voyageur also claim that the improved aerodynamics will increase fuel economy by as much as 5%. Not adding the mirrors also decreases the width of the motorhome, making it easier to manoeuvre.

As well as using the cameras as mirrors, they will also monitor the immediate area around, when the motorhome is parked.

Could you get used to using cameras? Watch the video below.

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