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As we’re now in the middle of what would have been the Easter Holidays, the clocks have gone forward, and the sun is shining, we all know it’s a turbulent and uncertain time but hopefully sooner rather than later, we will start to come out of the other side!

A lot of people are now going to be looking at holidays within the UK, and let’s be honest, there are a lot of beautiful places to visit, both on the coast and inland.  The best way to see what the UK has to offer is in a motorhome, you’ve got the freedom to go where you want, when you want.

With motorhoming in general now becoming more popular with young families, there are a lot of brilliant options for the ideal family motorhome, whether you’re looking to carry and sleep 6 people, need a big garage for you’re luggage, bikes, sports equipment or anything else, or you’re just looking for that perfect easy set up layout with drop down beds where lounge areas don’t have to be converted every night.

Here are a few family suitable motorhomes to have a look at, you never know, you could be taking the family away in one of these sooner than you think!

Chausson Flash C656

The Chausson C656 is a 7 berth motorhome with 7 belted seats, it’s the ideal motorhome for the young family built on the Fiat Ducato 2.3JTD engine with 130bhp.  With a gross weight on 3,500kg, this also means that it can be driven on a standard car license.  Above the cab is a double bed, it has a full dinette area with 2 forward facing seats and 2 rear facing seats, all with belts, this area turns into another double bed.  Just across from there are a single forward facing seat, and a single rear facing seat, this can fold out into a single bed.  In the middle of the motorhome there is a fitted kitchen with an oven, grill and hob, opposite is a large fridge and shower room with fitted toilet.  At the rear are 2 bunk beds, the bottom bunk can be folded out of the way to allow a larger space in the garage.

Currently they are from £49,940 exc. VED from new, but you are able to find used ones online for less, including a 2017 model for £30,000!

Here is a video review for a 2019 model we have bought recently.

Burstner Argos A747-2

This is more well known as the Burstner Argos 747, it’s a large 6 berth motorhome and especially popular due to its large full width garage at the rear, this is plenty spacious enough for all your family luggage and can even be used to store bikes.  Above the garage inside is a transverse double bed, there is a full dinette area at the front with 4 seat belts, this forms a double bed, and then for the final 2 berths, there is a double bed above the cab.  The Burstner’s can come with a lot of extras which makes it the perfect van for touring, you can see more of these in detail on our video below.

Currently this model is from £98,860 exc. VED from new so it really is a top of the range motorhome, but, you are able to pick up older models, including a 2008 for £40,000, below is an example of a 58 plate that we bought earlier this year.

Roller Team Auto Roller 707

The Roller Team 707 is a very popular family motorhome and is utilised a lot by hire companies because of this.  It is a 7 berth motorhome with 6 belted seats, amazingly this is still only 3,500kg so it can be driven on a standard car licence.  At the front is a dinette area than can be used as a double bed and a further single, above this area is an electric drop down double bed, at the rear of the motorhome are 2 bunk beds.  In the middle of the motorhome you will find a fully fitted kitchen including a large fridge/freezer.  The models can be upgraded with additional packs from new.

From new they are currently from £52,140 exc. VED, but you can pick up 2016 models from £40,000.

Below is a video of a 2018 model on a 67 plate that we have bought recently.

Elddis Evolution 196

The Elddis Evolution 196 is a Brownhill’s dealer special version of the Elddis Autoquest 196.  Elddis are proud to say that they ensure that for every berth, there will be a travelling seat with a seatbelt, this model is a 6 berth.  At the front it has 2 forward facing and 2 rear facing seats both with belts, this folds out into a double bed.  Above the front dinette is an electric drop down double bed.  In the middle there is a spacious kitchen with oven/grill, 4 hob burner, fridge and sink, opposite this is the washroom with fitted toilet.  The rear of the motorhome has another lounge area with 2 bench seats, these can be folded out into a double bed if required giving the final 2 berths.

The Autoquest 196 are from £48,179 exc. VED new, with dealer specials around £5,000 extra.

Below is a video we did last year for a 2019 model of the Evolution 196.

Benimar Mileo 282

The Benimar Mileo 282 is simply a beautiful motorhome, it is 4 berth with 4 travelling seats.  As standard they are fitted with lots of extras, including sat nav, leather steering wheel, traction plus, hill descent control, automatic lights and wipers, plus lots more!  The lounge area at the front is an L shape with 2 belted seats with a short bench seat opposite.  My favourite part of this model is the fact that it has 2 electric drop down double beds, 1 at the front and 1 at the rear above another L shape lounge area.  There are plenty of storage lockers throughout the motorhome and in the middle is the fully fitted UK spec kitchen with oven, grill, sink, microwave and 145l automatic select fridge. Opposite this area is a spacious bathroom with a toilet, shower and sink.

The cost from new now is £59,860 exc. VED.  Below is a video of a 2018 model to show just how excellent this particular model is!

CI Carioca 656

The CI Carioca 656 is another 6 berth motorhome with 6 belted seats, this would be ideal now if you’re looking for something for the family on a smaller budget, you can easily pick up a 2007 model on the new cab for around £25,000.  This model has a double bed above the cab, a front dinette area with 2 forward facing and 2 rear facing seats around a table, all 4 of these have seatbelts.  There are 2 bunk beds at the rear giving you the final 2 of the 6 berths, the bottom bunk can be folded out of the way giving more space for the garage if required.  The 656 has a gross weight of 3,500kg meaning it can be driven on a standard car licence.

Please see below an example of a 2007 model that we bought last year.


I hope that you have enjoyed reading the above and it has given you an insight into a selection of the family motorhomes available currently on the market.  You can see a full selection of motorhomes we have previously bought on our website and YouTube page.

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