The Great Motorhome Sales Boom | Sales & Trends for 2021

Motorhomes have never been so popular. At least, that’s according to the latest figures.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, and its disruption on air travel and international holidays, so-called ‘staycations’ exploded in popularity in 2020. As a result, many Brits decided to climb into a motorhome for the first time or start caravanning.

We suspect a lot of people were already thinking about taking up the hobby, and this was just the push they needed. A lot of other people may have just been keen to make the most of a year largely stuck “at home” — and so took advantage of that fact.

To get a better picture of this phenomenal growth of motorhome enthusiasts, we did some data-digging. And below is our research, in a handy Infographic for you to look at:

(For those of you who prefer to read, scroll past the Infographic.)

Here’s how Britain’s motorhome sector shaped up in 2020, and how it’s looking to continue in 2021:

  • For starters, Google reported an all-time high for search interest in motorhomes, and in particular for “motorhomes for sale” in the UK.
  • The Welsh were the most enthusiastic about buying a motorhome, by far and away. Interest peaked in all of the Home Nations. But interest in Northern Ireland was less than half of that in Wales.
  • More than a third (36%) of all Brits went on their first motorhome holiday in 2020.
  • This generated an interest of an additional £216 million worth in motorhomes, compared to last year.
  • The overwhelming majority (80%) of motorhome sales were for second-hand models. Which indicates a lot of “newbies” may be getting in on the action.
  • Scotland and Cornwall were the most popular destinations. Trips exploded with searches upwards of 532% (for Scotland) and 325% (for Cornwall).
  • Demographics are also changing. Millennials now account for most of those who own motorhomes (56%). Most are now relatively young millennial couples. In fact, there are more millennials behind the motorhome wheel than the two older generations — Baby Boomers and Generation X — put together.


Is this the dawn of a new golden age for the motorhome?

We think so. Buying a motorhome is not a decision to be taken lightly. The very fact that so many people purchased — and didn’t rent — shows that many thousands of new Brits were ready to make the commitment.

Given the current data we have for 2021, things look very bright. Pre-bookings for campsites are already up by 500%. And a quarter of people say they won’t leave the UK for an international holiday until the pandemic is over.

We’re confident that everyone who has bought a motorhome will fall in love with their new lifestyle like so many of us do. This is the beginning of a new golden age for the motorhome hobby.

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