What If Santa Claus Had A Motorhome?


What if Santa Claus had his own motorhome? If he did, then we’re pretty sure it would be an A-class motorhome. One of the end-of-the-scale models. And that it’d look a bit like this:

Santa could pick the biggest motorhome on the market. As there would be no space constraints driving around on the roads (and by ‘roads’ we mean expansive sheets of ice). He wouldn’t even have to pass an extra driving test for the extra tonnage. In fact, he probably wouldn’t have to pass a driving test full stop.

Reasons why Santa would (obviously) have an A-class motorhome

For starters, Santa is a classy fella. So it makes sense that he’d have the iconic model that everyone thinks of — the big, sleek units with the driver’s cab integrated into the rest of the vehicle.


A-class models are also usually:


  • Well insulated. Plus, the dump valves and pipes are always in an insulated compartment.

  • Comfortable during both the day and night (and remember, it does go dark for months at a time up there)

  • Easier to keep inside, as the cab and the living space are joined, meaning he wouldn’t have to make any unnecessary trips outside to move from one to the other

And none of the A-class motorhome drawbacks would be an issue for Santa, either. For example:


  • It wouldn’t matter if it felt “wide” on the road — as there are no roads at the North Pole to begin with

  • If the price of fuel gets a bit too much, he can always go old school and call Rudolph and the gang into action

  • The huge A-class motorhome windscreen might be costly to replace if it gets a chip or a crack. But we’re sure Santa could probably build another one in his workshop?

Looking inside Santa’s A-class motorhome

Here’s what we think Santa’s motorhome would look like from the inside: 

Just look at all the space! You can see why an A-class motorhome would appeal to anyone, and not just the Big Man himself. The full-width cab here is typical of an A-class (in that it’s open-plan). There’s plenty of storage in the overhead cabins, too. 

There’s also a better integration from driving to living, which makes the cab feel more a part of the motorhome itself. And the open and spacious feel is enhanced by the better quality of fixtures and fittings that manufacturers often install in their A-class models. 

This is all a part of the reason behind why the big motorhomes feel more “homely”. And this is why we reckon Santa would style it on his real home. So of course the interior looks like a Christmas cabin, transplanted onto four wheels. 

A-class models are known to be smoother rides over their other, smaller counterparts. And are often known to come with additions such as Bilstein shock absorbers, computer balanced driveshafts, jounce bumpers, and sway bars at the front and rear — which together all contribute to eliminate sway and bounce in motion. 

All this and more would give Santa some extra time to work on some toys or presents while he’s on the road. It would also mean the decorations are less likely to fall off the tree. 

And of course, like some top tier motorhomes, Santa would have a fire and a chimney. The warm, natural glow of a fire can only be described as essential at the top of the world. 

Tell us: what do you think Santa’s motorhome would look like?

Would it look anything like the above? Would it be an A-class motorhome? Is the whole thought process preposterous or good festive fun? Either way, please get in touch we’d love to hear it — and also to answer any motorhome questions you might have in the process. 

We’re aware that we’ve talked quite a bit about A-class motorhomes here. If you’d like to know more about the different types of motorhomes, check out our How To Buy Your First Motorhome guide for more information.

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