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Are we the answer to you selling your motorhome? We are happy to help you reach your decision even if it isn’t us.

We want to be honest and transparent for when it comes to selling your motorhome. It is a big decision to make and everything needs to be right.

Here is a list of every growing FAQ’s that our customers ask.


Why isn’t the price instant?

Is there a motorhome the same? That has the same mileage, extras, spec, service history, condition and more? We don’t think there is! For this reason, motorhome pricing is manually done by our experts. This is also why we have to call to gather any further information.


Are your reviews real? They seem too good to be true.

Absolutely! Every motorhome we buy gets what is called an automatic feedback service. What does this mean? TrustPilot need to see proof of invoice before they send out an review email, just to confirm it is a genuine transacation.


Do you try and knock us down on price when we come out?

Absolutely not. Unlike some dealers or other industries, to give February 2021 as an example, 87.5% of motorhomes we bought were at the original agreed price. What about the other 12.5%? Occasionally it’s because of major issues not told to us, or unfortunately due to the construction of motorhomes, motorhomes do have hidden issues, mainly damp. We will show the issue and explain why the price offered is being adjusted, then it’s completely up to you if you want to accept with no pressure from us. If a deal can’t be done, we will walk away, no hard feelings. Trust us when we say, we don’t want to pay for time, fuel and other expenses to risk coming back empty handed.


Why do we have to call?

This is a key question. Every motorhome has its own personality. Whether it be extras, spec, mileage, service history and so on. What might be a great price for one Bailey Autograph 79-6, may be a low price for another Bailey Autograph 79-6.


Why can’t we find a trade price on the website?

Even though their is a Caravan and Motorhome Glass’s Guide, it is only a loose guide. If we actually went by the ‘book’ price, we would be insulting people with majority of prices.

Where is the best place to sell?

This depends on a number of scenarios:

Do you have lots of time and are happy to accept multiple calls and people to your home? – Then selling privately could be an option.

Do you have the time, but not the patience to let people call and view my motorhome? Then sale or return or a broker could work. The downfalls? If it doesn’t sell pretty quick, a dealer may want to then knock you down on price, offering what we could have offered in the first place. A broker could well do the same. Don’t forget, both of these take a big commission, usually around 10%. Take the commission into account when selling your motorhome this way. For example, a return of £33,000 may sound good compared to our offer of £30,000, but take that 10% off the £33,000, and you are back down to £29,700. And this isn’t including them trying to knock you down on price if it hasn’t sold, or the buyer is a couple of thousand short. These agreements are also usually a minimum of 12 weeks, with a months notice.

Are you looking to part exchange your motorhome? This could be a good option. But don’t forget, your price will always look better as they adjust the price of yours against the new one. For example, if the motorhome you are looking at is worth £50,000, and yours has a trade value of £30,000, the dealer may offer you £32,000, effectively discounting their new one by £2,000. So always ask for a cash value first.

Do you want a hassle free sale with a competitive price that often beats the main dealers and TrustPilot five star rated service? Then somewhere like is probably the best, hassle free place to sell your motorhome.

How much is my motorhome worth?

This depends on a variety of things. You can have two identical makes, models and years. One could have the best service history in the world, the other none, one could have thousands of pounds worth of extras, another one may be basic. There are then things like condition to take into consideration.

Why do you think you will give the best dealer price for my motorhome?

Experience from buying hundreds a year as well as decades of being in the indsutry (Shane in particular at 33 years old, went into work with his Dad at a well known motorhome dealer at the age of 5!), knowing the current market and knowing what the dealers or customers want. Why is it important knowing what the dealers want? A bit like the customers, motorhomes are subjective to that particular dealership. A bit like a car dealership may only specialise in Fords or BMW’s, new or used, motorhomes are much the same. So we know where we can achieve the best value for your motorhome.

Is there anything I can do to achieve the best price for my motorhome?

Just look after your motorhome. Present it well and maintain it. Don’t worry, we don’t mind it not being washed etc, but if it is stained, deep in cigarette ash and greasy, we may have to think again about buying that motorhome or have to adjust the price accordingly to bring it back to its prime.

Why should we chose you?

We will answer this with another question, will we give you the best price you could possibly get for your motorhome? Potentially not. But there is a good chance we will. Of course if you want to sell it yourself and are patient enough to have multiple phone calls, time wasters and viewings, you may achieve a better price. However, we do offer extremely competitive prices, collect nationwide, pay by faster payement bank transfer (which is an instant payment, and don’t worry, we would NEVER drive it away until you are happy you have cleared funds in your account, and provide a five star TrustPilot rated service – just see our reviews by clicking here!

Why don’t you actually buy all motorhomes?

This is more a health and safety reason. As our buyer Pete says, “there are more camper converters than there are gin distilleries!” And from experience, not all of them are good and safe. Equally, not all of the old motorhomes are safe anymore, and due to their low value and distance for us to travel, it just isn’t economical enough to offer a price and could well be more profitable for you to sell it privately. We will only buy motorhomes from main brand manufacturers that we know have the right gas and electric safety systems.

Who will be coming to buy my motorhome?

This one is easy, it’ll be Shane MalpassLiam ConnollyPete Sennitt or Neil Malpass along with a driver such as Tim, Victoria. Click on their names to learn a bit more about them, just so you can trust and know exactly who you are dealing with.


How long does the process take?

We estimate it takes 20 minutes once we arrive at your house. A few minutes to inspect the motorhome, a couple of minutes to make the instant payment, complete the V5 transfer which is now all done online and send the invoice. Since Covid-19 began, this is all digital, with no customer contact for extra safety.

I am scared of scams, why should I treat any differently?

You absolutely should not treat anyone different. However, when a number calls from a professional company, check their numbers online, check their details and most importantly DO NOT release the vehicle without payment. We insist you are 100% the money is there before we drive it away.


How do you put a value on my motorhome?

This is calulated by a few ways. The main way is what is on the market right now. We also use Glass’s Guide as a rough guide. We then see what we have bought and sold motorhomes for in the past. It is then down to what price the valuation experts add all of this up to.

Should I try selling privately first?

This is an option, and the honest answer is, you may achieve a higher price, and that’s great! However, dealers may be scared that it has had too much visibility online and has failed to sell.

How does the process work?

You fill in the form, we call to offer a price, you accept, we come to you at a time and date convenience to you, we pay by faster payment bank transfer, do the V5 transfer and drive it away. Simple as that. 

Where do you travel from?

We travel from a small beer town called Burton On Trent. The great thing about our location is its central England, so distance isn’t an issue for us, we are up and down the country on a daily basis. It’s only if it is somewhere like the north of Scotland we sometimes have to consider, as it’s a 2 day trip for us. 

Why does no one else do trusted reviews like you?

Very good question. We guess it could be one of the following reasons. It could be because they fully intend to knock you down when they come out to you, therefore getting a bad review. It could be because they are just old fashioned and not caught up with the times in what is quite an antiquated industry. Or it could be because they are just scared of bad reviews damaging their company. 

Why can’t we find a Glass’s Guide trade price on the website?

This is because if we offered you a Glass’s Guide trade price on the website, you wouldn’t be very happy with us. If there is a price for that particular motorhome, our offer nearly always sits thousands of pounds over the Glass’s Guide trade price. By all means if you want to know that Glass’s Guide trade price, please do ask! 

Why do you put some many videos out on YouTube?

Trust was the original reason. People buy off who they know and like, and very few companies out there are brave enough to put a name to a face. It’s also because we love doing it. Shane has even started a host of independent shows called The Caravan And Motorhome Show, featuring “Legs Down”, podcasts, live shows and more. 

How long does the payment take and is there a fee?

We have an extremely good service in place that makes all payments of any amount instant – even on a weekend. And compared to some other companies, we do not charge a fee for same day payment. 


Are you part of we buy any car?

No, we are a family run business that have been in the industry since 1984. Although we have a similar name we work in much different ways. Firstly we collect from your home. We are a lot more accepting when it comes to any issues and rarely alter price unless there is something we clearly haven’t been told about like accident damage, or excessive damp.

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