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With a Timberland motor home you can go places in comfort and style. Timberland motorhomes are renowned for their luxury, comfort and style with interiors befitting vehicles of this calibre and reputation. Whatever layout you choose you can be assured of a comfortable environment that provides an ideal setting for a cosy dinner or for entertaining friends. You can adjust the lighting within the motor home to suit your mood all whilst admiring the superior furnishings and fittings that have become a hallmark of Timberland motor homes. In the kitchen, owners have the flexibility of hobs powered by gas or electricity, while the girll and over are gas operated.  There is also ample storage space throughout the vehicle so you store all your necessary food, clothes and travel items.  There are a host of features on every Timberland motor home that you are sure to appreciate. Energy conscious? A virtually maintenance-free solar panel converts daylight into energy which trickle charges the leisure batteries. A regulator is also fitted to maintain good battery health. If you love to cook in the great outdoors then there is an external BBQ point for connecting gas-powered BBQs. This socket provides gas straight from the motor home gas tank. All Timberland motor homes have a great blend of power, acceleration, a relaxing drive and smooth gearshifts – everything you would expect from a top motor home.  Customised: All Timberland motor homesate hand-built to order – and that is what makes them so special Luxurious: Both cab and coach seating can be upholstered from a wide range of leather options Unbeatable entertainment: Everyone will love the 15” TV/DVD with integrated digital tuner and surround sound
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