Whether you’re seasoned motorhomers, or you’re looking for a different style of holiday for you and the other half, there are endless options for the ideal couple friendly motorhome on the market.  You may be looking for something compact, a fixed bed, large lounge area, a larger motorhome that still allows you to have your own space, or maybe even all of the above!
Whatever it is you’re looking for, it’s definitely out there for you, below are some of the motorhomes I believe are ideal for couples, and also giving some variety for you to have a look at, as well as options to suit all budgets. 


The Auto Sleeper Nuevo EK is what most would class as the traditional compact 2 berth motorhome, it comes in comfortably under 5.5m in length.  This model is low profile and has 2 long bench seats at the front which forms the lounge area, these can then be folded out to form a large double bed. 

The EK in the model name stands for End Kitchen, these are fitted with an oven/grill, usually a 4 hob burner and a fridge also.  As you look towards the rear of the motorhome at the kitchen, on the right hand side is another workspace with a microwave above.  In the back corner of the Nuevo is a washroom with toilet, sink and shower.

It has a weight of 3,300kg meaning it can be driven on a standard car license also.  The Nuevo also has an ES version which is a 4 berth with a double bed over the cab, and an EL version which stands for End Lounge.  A 2020 model would set you back close to £60,000 now, but, you are able to pick up an older model that is still in excellent condition with low mileage at a much lower price, you could get a 2010 model for under £30,000.

Please see a video review for a 2008 model which we have bought recently. 



The Elddis Accordo Prestige 135 is a dealer special 3 berth motorhome with 4 belted seats.  At under 6 metres in length it’s still nice and compact and can be driven on a standard car license with it having a gross weight of 3,300kg.  This model has 2 forward facing seats at the front with a small table, both of these seats have belts and the driver and passenger seat in the cab swivel round, this area can be used as a single bed if needed, however, it’s very popular with couples as the front can be used as the main lounge area, with the rear lounge folded down into a double bed and remain that way to save converting every night.  The rear lounge area consists of 2 bench seats and a table.  In the middle of the motorhome is a fitted kitchen on 1 side, and a washroom with shower and toilet on the other.

A new 2020 Accordo 135 would cost you just over £45,000 now, but you can easily pick up a 2015 model with low mileage for under £35,000 with plenty left over to pay for a few trips away as well!  An example of a 2015 model can be seen below.



The Tracker EKS is a beautiful 2 berth motorhome, with the same traditional layout as the Nuevo EK above, with front bench seats that form a double bed, an end kitchen and corner washroom.  The Tracker EKS does come with a lot of spec, and the model which you will see below is a stunning example with lots of extras added to make it even more special.  This model is just over 6.4m in length giving you that bit extra space compared to other 2 berths with a similar layout.

The 2020 models start from just under £60,000 now, there are 2014 models online for under £35,000 so if you’re happy to have one a bit older, you can pick up a great deal.

Below you can see a video review of a 2018 model with lots of extras included.


The Auto-Sleeper Kingham is probably my personal favourite van conversion motorhome, we have a video below of a 2016 model we bought last year and it looks amazing with its metallic gold finish.  What I love about this model is the fact that it has a French bed at the rear, so there is no need to set up a bed every night.  There is also a lounge area at the front including a long bench seat, and then the 2 seats from the cab which can swivel round.  There is a fitted kitchen area in the middle and in the far corner there is a washroom with a sink, toilet and shower.

It is under 6.5m in length and is on the 3,500kg chassis so can be driven on a standard car licence and built on the Peugeot Boxer 2.2 HDI engine, the model in our video was upgraded to the 150bhp.  

The 2020 model can be bought from £58,065 now, there are 2015 models available online for closer to £40,000.


This model of Bolero is a 4 berth motorhome with 2 belted seats, and although it is a 4 berth, it’s just perfect for couples because of the layout.  At the front is a lounge area with 2 long bench seats, there is a table to stand inbetween and the driver and passenger seats do swivel round also.  In the middle there is a fitted kitchen including oven/grill, 4 hob burner, sink, microwave and a large fridge freezer.  Towards the rear of the motorhome is a fixed French bed, and at the very back is a full width bathroom with toilet, sink, and separate shower.

The Swift Bolero 722 FB comes in at 7.71m in length and is the ideal tourer for couples, this would definitely be one I’d like to own myself once the kids have grown up and flown the nest!

You can pick up a 2014 model for around £40,000 now, an example of this model can be seen below on our YouTube video.


One word for this motorhome, WOW! Now with the other motorhomes in this blog, I’ve tried to include motorhomes to suit most budgets, however, this is an unbelievable motorhome that I had to include, and if I had around £140,000 lying around, this is what I would be spending my money on! (New ones start from £122,000 before any extras added)

As with all Carthago’s, the build quality is exceptional and simply stunning both outside and inside.  It has a double floor so lots of additional storage underneath with clever compartments throughout the motorhome.  At the rear is a large garage underneath the lounge area.  There is an electric drop down bed above the cab area, just behind that is a toilet area and separate shower room opposite with a beautiful waterfall shower.  Moving towards the rear there is a very spacious kitchen with lots of built in extras available.  The rear of the Carthago I53 has, for me, probably the most impressive lounge I have ever seen in a motorhome, it’s almost a full wrap around lounge with a large flatscreen TV, part of the lounge also extends at the simple touch of a button!

It really is just a motorhome you have to see for yourself, here is a walk around video from the recent Motorhome & Caravan Show at the NEC.



I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through these reviews and watching the YouTube video’s that we have done, it’s safe to say that there are lots of options available and ones to suit all budgets!

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