Ready for the call?

First of all, thank you so much for your enquiry!

Everyone has a story behind why they are looking to sell their motorhome, and as a family business which has grown over the years, our unique personal experience will be fast, fair and friendly with our customers. That’s why we have hundreds of Trustpilot reviews with a 5 star rating.

John, Liam, Pete or myself will call you within the next 48 hours with a price, or with any further questions we may have, so look our or save the number 01283 240237!

You will also receive an email from us with further information for selling your motorhome. We understand that you need to find the right way that suits you, and we will do our best to help even if it’s not with us!

Please do note, we may be a bit slower after bank holidays and weekends, so please don’t sell before you get contact from us first!

As a company that started with just me and my Dad, to a large team of people, I am grateful you have got in touch with us.

Shane Malpass
Managing Director

Shane Malpass