Swift Edge Black Edition – The New Range

The new entry level Swift Edge range is now offered with the famous Swift Black Edition spec, making it look like a premium motorhome.


Launched for 2020, the Swift Edge has took the market by storm with its affordable pricing. All models have the same berths to belts, something adopted by Elddis, so you can travel the amount you can sleep.


Introduced at the February NEC motorhome show, the Black Edition has been introduced which for only £995 includes the black cab, alloy wheels, pleated blinds, dividing curtains and external lockers as standard.


There are five models available in the Swift Edge range all coming in at 3,300kg to 3,500kg so they can be driven on a B class driving licence:

Swift Edge 412 for £45,775. A 2 berth low profile motorhome with two bench seats and end washroom coming in at 5.89 metres only.

Swift Edge 464 for £46,550. A 4 berth motorhome with 4 belted seats, coming in at 6.75 metres length. It has a half dinette at the front and French bed with a corner bathroom.

Swift Edge 476 for £48,255 is a 6 berth, 6 belted seats motorhome coming in at 7.32 metres in length. Our favourite layout has twin beds above a rear garage, a full dinette at the front and an overcab double bed.

Swift Edge 486 for £48,255 is another 6 berth, 6 belted seats motorhome with a rear lounge, full dinette at the front and double overcab bed. It has a length at 7.32 metres.

Swift Edge 494 for £48,255 is a 4 berth motorhome with 4 belted seats coming in at 7.32 metres. It has a small dinette at the front with a side island bed, great for enjoying those views from the bed.


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