What Is The Value Of My Motorhome?

What is my motorhome trade price? Is there a motorhome book price? Stop and read this before you do, as you probably won’t like the answer!

Motorhome & Caravan Trade Price

Is there a Glass’s Guide Trade Price or CAP price for motorhome and caravans?

The short answer is there will be one. Unfortunately, it is not quite as simple and straight forward as you think. And there may just be better ways for your to get a valuation for your motorhome or caravan.

Unfortunately, due to the heavy fluctuation of the market, the vast variables a motorhome or caravan has plus other reasons, a book price would be far from realistic.

Yes there is a book price, but it is an incredibly loose guide that can sometimes be more than £10,000 below the true valuation.  We have known them in the past to be £17,000 apart from between the trade price and what they are actually available and selling for on a motorhome that has a retail figure of around £28,000.

For this reason, it is why we no longer use a guide as we would end up insulting a lot of people with our prices. So, how do I find what is my motorhome trade price? Instead we use our valuation techniques.

What sort of caravan & motorhome valuations are there?

There are a number of techniques to work out what your motorhome is worth, not forgetting it is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay. 

The best ways are to look on Autotrader or eBay for similar models to yours. But do bear in mind, there are 3 different valuations.

1. A motorhome part exchange price

What is a trade price? A trade price is a price a dealer will offer for your motorhome or caravan to then do it up and retail it. This is usually the lowest of the options, but by far the easiest. 

2. A private sale price

This is normally the middle price. It is also down to what time and patience you have. This price will be higher than a trade in price, but lower than a retail price. Why is it lower than a retail price? This is simply because, with a retail sale, it comes with warranties, expense to get it to retail condition and customer protection if it goes wrong. With a private sale, once it is off the sellers drive, that’s it, you are on your own. 

3. A retail figure price

You guess it, this is the highest valuation, very much for the reasons above. There is a lot of expense in a dealer preparing a motorhome for sale, whether it is repairs, warranty, servicing, staff costs, taxes and more. More importantly, with that warranty and the Consumer Rights Act 2015, you have full protection when you have bought a motorhome or caravan, and have somewhere to take it back to if it goes wrong. 

Where to get a valuation for my motorhome?

The best way and the way we do it, is to keep an eye out online, look on Autotrader, eBay or Facebook to name a few, and see what similar models are for sale. By all means, get in touch with a few dealers, or motorhome buying specialists to get a rough estimate.

A Note from the Author — Shane Malpass

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