Who Are The Best Motorhome Dealers In The UK 2022 – Top 5 Reviewed

A question that hasn’t been covered in such an important quest when it comes to buying a motorhome. So in a time where new and used motorhomes are in incredibly short supply, we did some digging, researched as many companies as we could, reviewed them, and came up with this list of the best motorhome dealers in 2022.

Having been in the industry since I was just 5 years old (nearly 30 years ago!), I am more than familiar with most companies including their reputations, market presence and much more. Each motorhome dealer was reviewed and scored by used motorhome availability, price range, reviews, warranty, new motorhome brands and more. Let’s see where the motorhome dealer review counts down to!

In 2022, new motorhome stock is looking scaringly low for dealers. Even at the time of writing this in November 2021, I can guarantee most dealers are nearly sold out for 2022 and into 2023. This instantly creates a shortage for the used motorhomes. So do bear this in mind when reading this below, as the numbers will be at a minimum 50% of where they used to.

Whilst eBay and particularly Autotrader is always going to be the best place to find motorhomes, sometimes it’s worth at looking at the dealers websites, just in case there is something there that isn’t elsewhere. You are always more likely to find further details on new model motorhomes too.

If you are looking to sell a motorhome you own, rather than buy, this article may not be for you, so click here for a valuation.

  1. Motorhome Depot – Our Rating 3.66/5

Motorhome Depot were established in around 2012. They have fast become the leading motorhome broke in the U.K. with the largest selection of used motorhomes for sale. Motorhome Depot operate by selling customers motorhome for a fee, just like an estate agent. There is usually an appointed franchise that covers a particular area. They give the motorhome buying customer the option of things such as finance which can be difficult to obtain in a private sale. It also takes the hassle away from the motorhome selling customer as they do the sales process for them. As a general rule, they can be cheaper than a motorhome dealership subject to the customer agreeing to the price, but with its quirks.

Used Motorhome Availability: 584 motorhomes 5/5

There is no doubt, this is the most motorhomes you will find for sale in one company and the reason it made the top 5.

Used Price Range: £6,995 – £239,000 – (Everything) 5/5

They come up top with this too. There is no company that offers something for quite literally anyone.

Reviews: Trustpilot – 2,100 reviews, 4.9 out of 5 stars. 5/5

Not many companies have this score, and it is of testament to them. Take into account, these are largely selling reviews rather than buying reviews.

Warranty: None 1/5

Warranty is only an option. With Motorhome Depot being a brokerage, unless you pay for a warranty, as soon as it is driven away, you have no rights or come back and for this reason, they are our number 5. With it effectively being a private sale, Consumer Rights Act 2015 does not apply here. Once you have paid and driven it away, any problems are legally yours to figure out. As the old saying goes, buyer beware.

Locations: Mansfield Nottingham. Gunthorpe, Nottingham and the U.K generally… 3/5

The head office sits in Mansfield, Nottingham. They do have a selection of around 40 here. They have recently just opened up a new branch by one of their franchisees at the old Gunthorpe Motorhome site, right next to Fuller Leisure and Lowdhams LeisureWorld. Not a bad place to see 3 dealerships in the space of half a mile! Generally, the vast majority of their motorhomes are parked on customers driveways or local storage sites. So when you are looking at one online, it literally could be anywhere in the U.K.

Brands: All used makes and models. 3/5

Unless it is a customers motorhome that is a new build, used is what Motorhome Depot specialise in.


Motorhome Depot do also offer finance, part exchange, and insurance. You will not find a bigger selection in the U.K. which is fantastic! However, as they do clearly explain on the website, all motorhomes are sold on behalf of individuals and are a broker. Much like an estate agent, if there are any problems you find after completing and moving into a house­, they are your problem. If you do look to buy via Motorhome Depot, we highly recommend a third party inspects the motorhome, just like a surveyor would a house.

See Motorhome Depots disclaimer below:

* All of the motorhomes on this website are sold on behalf of individuals. For more information about brokerage click here. As brokers, we do not carry out inspections on the condition of the vehicle or the mechanics of the chassis. We advise all buyers to obtain a pre-purchase inspection on a motorhome prior to purchasing it. There are businesses that carry out pre-purchase inspections on behalf of motorhome buyers. Below is a link to our sister company Habcheck who provide this service.

  1. Marquis Motorhomes – Our Rating 3.83

Marquis are a monster in the U.K. motorhome market. 13 branches countrywide, they are more than 4 times bigger than their next competitors. Established in 1973, they are a company with great heritage.

In 2017, Auto-Sleepers International who ultimately had the controlling stake, were bought out by the French Trigano Group, in that year had a turnover of £1.3billion. Trigano Group host a large range of manufacturers, including Adria, Benimar, Chausson, Auto-Trail, CI, Auto-Sleeper, Elnagh, Eura Mobil, McLouis, Mobilvetta, Roller Team, Tribute, Rimor and many more. So they are certainly part of a large group!

Used Motorhome Availability: 38 used motorhomes, plus new. 2/5

Marquis have a terrific range of new motorhomes. With this you would hope they would have a terrific range of used motorhomes. However, Marquis never quite made it to the top 3, due to only 38 used motorhomes across 13 branches, which averages 3 per branch.

Used Price Range: £33,995 – £102,995 4/5

This is a decent price range, especially with the average motorhome being into the £30,000’s. So it does give a decent selection for most budgets.

Reviews: None 2/5

This is a difficult one. Customers of today like to see a verified review website, such as TrustPilot, mainly because there needs to be proof of business to be able to leave a review. Marquis’ reviews are copied and pasted onto the website, which doesn’t look quite as effective.

Warranty: 3 year warranty 5/5

A 3 year warranty is an excellent start. To have this across all used motorhomes is industry leading.

Locations: 13 branches throughout the U.K. 5/5

Industry leading with 13 branches and unbeatable by all other companies. The next biggest group is 3 motorhomes to put it into perspective.

Brands: Auto-Sleeper, Auto-Trail, Benimar, Elddis, McLouis, Mobilvetta. 5/5

Special Editions: Elddis Majestic

Not quite the biggest range, but probably the second biggest in industry, with the beautifully spec’d Elddis Majestic and


A fantastic dealers network, with a brilliant range of new motorhomes gets Marquis in the top 5. With a verified review system plus a few more used motorhomes in stock, they could have easily jumped into first position.

  1. Brownhills Motorhomes – Our Rating 4.25/5

Claiming to be the U.Ks largest motorhome dealership, as a single site, it is monstrous. With a 10.5 acre showroom, 30,000 square foot showroom and an unreal 25 bay service centre, it is hard to beat.

Used Motorhome Availability: 15, plus new. 4/5

This is rather low for the largest dealership in the U.K. However, let’s be clear, new motorhomes are their speciality. The lack slightly older motorhomes, suggests they get traded out elsewhere. 

Used Price Range: £42,995 – £94,995 3.5/5

This is certainly on the higher end. But, it goes with the territory with the availability. 

Reviews: Trustpilot – 780 reviews, 4. out of 5 stars. 4/5

Not the strongest of this line up, but not to be sniffed at. With the volume they do, it’s hard to please everyone.

Warranty: Up to 3 years warranty 4.5/5

Similar to most. The option to take up the full 3 year warranty is something we would recommend on a used vehicle. On new vehicles, you will likely get longer – as long as you service your motorhome within the rules.

Locations: Newark, Nottinghamshire 4.5/5

One location that is relatively central in the U.K, which makes it accessible to most of the country. As above it is a supersite with everything in house, including its own 365 day a year members club which includes a spa, sauna, swimming pool and more.

Brands: Adria, Auto-Trail, Elddis, Itineo, Rapido, Sun Living, Swift. 5/5

Special Editions: Elddis Evolution, Swift Champagne.

Brownhills have a superb selection. Probably the best. From the budget range Sun Living, all the way to Rapido and Adria, they offer it all. Their Elddis Evolution which is an Autoquest special, is one of our favourites with the lovely black cab, The Swift Champagne which is an Escape special, has everything and more that you would need your motorhome to be equipped with.


With the Brownhills club, accessories shop, incredible service area and space, they are more than worthy of their top 3 spot. Brownhills as you can see concentrate heavily on new motorhome sales. If they had a substantial amount of used motorhomes with more affordable price ranges, they may have just took the number one spot!

  1. Kimberley Caravans – Our Rating 4.33/5

Kimberley Caravans was started by Michael Lowe in 1981, so they are very much established company in the industry. Chris Lowe, Michael’s son now runs the show as the director. Starting in Kimberley (aptly named), they then opened up the Darlington branch to really stretch their coverage in 2012, then scored a hattrick in 2021 opening their Chesterfield branch.

Used Motorhome Availability: 29 used total, plus new. 3.5/5

Not a bad effort in this climate of low stock. Do bear in mind this is across 3 branches. Add the new stock in there and hopefully there is a decent selection to view.

Used Price Range: £20,995 – £74,995 5/5

This is a pretty good in this day and age for a main dealer. A £20,000 motorhome is the old £15,000 motorhome, which does show a decent selection.

Reviews: Google – 364 reviews, 4.3 out of 5 stars. 4/5

A decent score, it looks like early days in their review

Warranty: 12 months 4/5

This is a good warranty and what we think should be the minimum. I am sure there are other options to extend this too.

Locations: Chesterfield, Nottinghamshire. Kimberley, Nottingham. Darlington. 4.5/5

From the Midlands up, this is one of the better options of locations you can get, especially with dealerships being sparce in the north. With the brands they have, it is a good coverage.

Brands: Bailey, Compass, Swift 5/5

Special Editions: Compass Kensington, Swift Icon

A fantastic variety of British motorhomes! Now, for those who don’t know, Compass and Elddis are exactly the same thing, the different being, Compass has blue stripes, Elddis has red. Along with their dealer special editions which are a spec level above, they pretty much cover all price ranges under £100,000.


Good warranty, reviews, selection, locations, availability and heritage. Kimberley Caravans will hit a large range with the new motorhomes they do, they have very cleverly spread their bets across the U.K. customer base.

  1. 4 Front Motorhomes – Our Rating 4.66/5

4 Front Car Sales are historically exactly that. In the motor industry since 1983, supplying used cars, specialising in Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW. The Haywards Heath site was originally a 4×4 centre, that turned to motorhomes after a passion that owner Gary Brown had for them.

Motorhome Availability: A whopping 118! 5/5

This is exactly why they are our number one. Customers will literally travel hundreds of miles to visit here, for the simple reason, if you want to see a large variety of motorhomes for sale with a large variety of prices, this is really the only place you can go.

Price Range: £14,990 – £89,990 5/5

The biggest price range in one place by far. Again, a reason why they made it to number one. Once you are there, you will be hard pressed to find a reason to leave without buying a motorhome, as they are the only place that will have such a selection in your price range.

Reviews: Feefo – 614 reviews, rating 4.8 out of 5 stars. 5/5

Anything above 4 out of 5 we would say is a success, so to be 4.8 out of 5 is extremely successful.

Warranty: 12 months, plus the option to extend. 4.5/5

Anything 12 months and above is good. We would always recommend extending where possible, just to cover any potential future issues.

Locations: Haywards Heath, West Sussex 4/5

Only one location, but worth the journey. It may be a long distance if in the north of England.

Brands: Used Only 4/5

Probably the only thing we could find to knock them down on. However, as a company that specialise in used, they are doing a damn good job. The chances are with their stock, they will have something nearly new.


When we considered 4 Front Motorhomes in the top 5, we did not think they would end up number one. Apart from not selling new motorhomes, it is incredibly difficult to find anything to mark them down. If we are being extremely picky, there is no club, or site to stay overnight on when visiting or buying like some other dealers.

Just missed out…

Lowdhams Leisureworld

Lowdhams Motorhomes have a rich history  of the industry. George Crafts, son of current chairman Roger Crafts, started the company all those years ago in 1966, initially selling static caravans. However, it wasn’t until 1996 they opened up their Gunthorpe site where they started selling caravans and motorhomes. In 2002, they opened up their Huddersfield branch. They then continued to grow, taking on more and more franchises, including the world famous American brand, Airstream.

Motorhome Availability: 8 used motorhomes, plus new.

This is where they fall down slightly. Only 8 used motorhomes are currently showing in stock. It is again unknown how many new they have coming through.

Price Range: £42,995 – £74,995

They are on the higher side, but it is difficult to judge too much on range, when there is only 8 used motorhomes for sale.

Reviews: Trustpilot – 1,310 reviews, rating 4.4 out of 5 stars.

This is a pretty decent score. Anything 4 out of 5 and above is generally good, unfortunately with the volume of people that come through the door at a big dealership, the more the chance you will get a low score every now and then.

Warranty: 1 year warranty

This is a decent warranty. I am sure if asked, you can pay for an extended warranty. 

Locations: Gunthorpe, Nottingham. Huddersfield.

This where it gets interesting and why it just missed out in our top 5. Recently, due to the lack of stock, Lowdhams announced the closure of the sales site at Huddersfield due to stocking issues. We all have our fingers and toes crossed that the Nottingham site will not have a vaster range available.

Brands: Bailey, Chausson, Dethleffs, Hymer, Sunlight, Swift, Summit Campervans.

Specials editions: Dethleffs Eurostyle, Swift Kon-Tiki Grand Prix, Sunlight Sunvan and Swift Hi-Style. 

This is where Lowdhams really stand out. The Dethleffs Eurostyle is our standout as a wonderful spec of the Trend, with over £8,000’s worth of spec. 


My Lowdhams is a club includes a range of benefits including discounts, free stays on the Lowdhams campsite, special rates on GB Motorhome Tours plus much more. 
I am more than sure in a years time, Lowdhams will be back in the top 5 and have made a very smart business decision. If it wasn’t for them condensing their business, they would be firmly in the top 5 which is why we thought they should still get a healthy mention.

Just so we are clear, all figures are correct at the time of writing this article.
So there we have it. Our top 5 best motorhome dealers in the UK. What do you thing? Do you agree? Think another dealer is worthy to be up there? Get in touch! Email shane@webuyanymotorcaravan.com or call 07879816463. Thank you for reading!

A Note from the Author — Shane Malpass

I have been attending motorhome auctions since I was about 5 years old. Now that I am well into my thirties, I class myself as well schooled in the process of both selling and buying at motorhome auctions. And more than anything, I absolutely LOVE this industry!

So if you want to simply sell your motorhome and move on, or are looking to upgrade to a newer model — we’re here to make you happy and keep you satisfied. Your opinions matter to us. Just check out our five-star TrustPilot reviews!

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