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Best Motorhomes for Couples

2 Berth (Revised & Updated)

Everyone should be able to enjoy a motorhome — and especially with a partner, family member or friend. And there’s an old saying: two is company, three is a crowd. 

In this article, I reveal the best motorhomes for couples on the market available right now, from brand new to still great second-hand models. 

I’ve tried to be all-encompassing with our list here. And so, you’ll find the best small motorhomes for couples that share at least one of these features: 

  • they are compact
  • have a fixed bed
  • a relatively large lounge area
  • and yes, even a little bit of luxury

So let’s jump right in:

Auto Sleeper Nuevo EK

At number one spot is the Auto Sleeper Nuevo EK. This motorhome is what most people would class as the traditional small 2-berth motorhome. It is low profile. And the lounge area consists of two long bench seats that can be folded out into a large double bed. 

The ‘EK’ in the title stands for “End Kitchen”. It has an oven and grill, a fridge, and usually four hob burners. The rear of the kitchen also has a workspace with a microwave above it. 

And in the back corner is a washroom with a toilet, sink and shower. Making the Auto Sleeper Nuevo — in our opinion — one of the best 2-berth motorhomes with a shower and toilet available to buy in the UK.  

This motorhome can be driven on a standard car licence. A new model might cost around £60,000. But you should still be able to pick up an older model, in excellent condition and with low mileage, at a much lower price. A 2010 model will be under £30,000 for example.

  • New price: around £60,000
  • Second-hand price: under £30,000
  • Berths: 2
  • Mass in Running Order: 2874kg
  • Maximum Authorised Mass: 3500kg
  • Shipping length: 5.5 metres 

Check out our video review of a 2008 model we purchased recently:

Elddis Accordo Prestige 135

The Elddis Accordo Prestige 135 is one of the best compact motorhomes on the market. It is a dealer special 3-berth and comes with four belted seats. 

At just under 6-metres, it’s the smallest model on the list. It’s nice and compact and can be driven on a standard car licence — you should be able to slot it into a standard British parking space, length-wise at least. This model has two forward-facing seats (that can swivel around) with seatbelts at the front, along with a small table. 

This model is popular with couples because there are essentially two lounge areas. The table at the front can be used as a lounge, and the same space can also be used as a single bed. The rear lounge area consists of two bench seats and a table. 

In the middle of the motorhome is a fitted kitchen on one side, and a washroom with a shower and toilet on the other. 

  • New price: around £45,000
  • Second-hand price: under £35,000
  • Berths: 3
  • Mass in Running Order: 2643kgs
  • Maximum Authorised Mass: 3300kgs
  • Shipping length: 5.9 metres 

You can easily pick up a 2015 model with low mileage for much cheaper than the ‘new’ price. Here’s an example of a 2015 model we purchased:

Autotrail Tracker EKS

This beautiful 2 berth fixed bed motorhome has a similar layout to the Nuevo EK above. For example, in that it has two front bench seats that form into a double bed, an end kitchen and a corner washroom. 

The length of the model (just shy of 6.5 metres) makes it noticeably roomier in comparison to other 2-berth motorhomes with a similar layout. 

  • New price: under £60,000
  • Second-hand price: under £35,000
  • Berths: 2
  • Mass in Running Order: 2950kg
  • Maximum Authorised Mass: 3500 kg
  • Shipping length: 6.5 metres 

You can buy a great 2014 model for under £35,000. So if you’re happy to have one a bit older, you can pick up a great deal. 

Check out our review of a 2018 model we purchased, with lots of extras included:

Auto-Sleeper Kingham

The Auto-Sleeper Kingham is probably our favourite 2-person campervan motorhome. This model has a French bed at the rear, so there is no need to set one up every night. 

There is also a lounge area at the front including a long bench seat — and two seats from the cab which can swivel around. There is a fitted kitchen area in the middle and in the far corner. And there is a washroom with a sink, toilet and shower. 

The Auto-Sleeper Kingham can be driven on a regular driving licence and is built on the Peugeot Boxer 2.2 HDI engine. 

  • New price: around £68,000
  • Second-hand price: around £40,000
  • Berths: 2
  • Mass in Running Order: 3102kg
  • Maximum Authorised Mass: 3500 kg
  • Shipping length: 6.4 metres 

You can buy a great 2015 model for under £40,000. This is significantly cheaper than the new-model price, leaving over plenty of spare change for some trips away. 

Check out our review of a 2020 model we purchased. Although please note that the model in our video features an engine that has been upgraded up to 150bhp:

Swift Bolero 722 FB

The Swift Bolero 722 FB might be a 4-berth — but it’s just perfect for couples because of the layout. At the front of the motorhome are two belted swivel seats. Just behind the seats is a lounge area with two long bench seats, with space for a table to stand in between. 

In the middle of the motorhome is a fitted kitchen with an oven and grill, a four-hob burner, sink, microwave, and a large fridge-freezer. Towards the rear is a fixed French bed, and at the very back is a full-width bathroom with a toilet, sink and separate shower. 

The Swift Bolero 722 FB is 7.71 metres in length and I think it is the ideal tourer for couples. It would definitely be a model I’d like to drive own — once the kids have grown up and flown the nest.

Please note, however, that this model has a slightly heavier Maximum Authorised Mass — meaning you will need a Category C1 to drive it. (Check out our motorhome driving licences and the law guide for more information.)

  • New price: around £55,000
  • Second-hand price: about £40,000
  • Berths: 4
  • Mass in Running Order: 3198kg
  • Maximum Authorised Mass: 4,250KG
  • Shipping length: 7.7 metres 

You can pick up a 2014 model for around £40,000 — which is significantly cheaper than if you bought it new. Check out our video review on it here:

Carthago Liner for Two I53

The Carthago Liner I53 is a luxury 2-berth motorhome like no other. I’ve been careful so far to only mention models that are affordable to most people. 

But this one is so gorgeous I couldn’t resist. If I had a spare £122,000 lying around, this is exactly what I would be spending it on. (The price quickly jumps to £140,000 if you add any extras.)

As you’d expect with a Carthago, the build quality is exceptional — and it looks stunning both inside and out. Storage-wise it’s impeccable. There’s a double floor with room for lots of additional storage options. Plus a lot of clever compartments positioned throughout. 

At the front, there is an electric drop-down bed just above the cab. And just behind that is a toilet area and a separate shower room with a beautiful waterfall shower.  

Moving towards the rear there is a very spacious kitchen with lots of built-in extras available. The rear of the Carthago I53 has, for me, probably the most impressive lounge I have ever seen in a motorhome, it’s almost a full wrap-around lounge with a large flatscreen TV — and a part of the lounge also extends at the simple touch of a button! 

Beyond this, at the very rear is a large garage underneath the lounge area. 

  • New price: around £122,000 (without any extras)
  • Second-hand price: about £105,000
  • Berths: 2
  • Maximum Authorised Mass: 6,700kg
  • Shipping length: 7.8 metres

It really is just a motorhome you have to see for yourself, here is a walk around video from a recent Motorhome & Caravan Show at the NEC.

Looking for more information on motorhomes, small 2-berth or otherwise?

I’ve listed above some of my favourite motorhomes that should suit couples ideally. I’ve tried to be all-encompassing here, but this article only serves as an introduction. 

If you’ve got questions about these motorhomes for couples, or other similar models you’ve taken an interest in, then by all means feel free to get in touch with us to ask. We’re always happy to help.

 Is this your first foray into the world of motorhomes? Then check out our how to buy your first motorhome ultimate guide for more useful information. We’ve also got a ton of other motorhome reviews for you to check out — to get a better idea of what else is out there on the market.

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Either way, I hope you found the information in this article useful. Thank you for reading.

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